Saturday, November 20, 2004

Rising from slumber

Dear Readers:

This is the second posting in one day, after months of not being able to post at all! Lest you worry that you will suddenly be inundated with posts from me, let me assure you that will not be the case. I'll post one more today to tell you about a way to subscribe to Squiggles using a newsreader instead of e-mail, and that will be all for today (those of you who read Squiggles on the Web site will also be interested in that option).

For now, I just want to tell you that:

  • Squiggles is publishing again, and
  • Squiggles has been redesigned.
The medical challenges with my daughter continue, so we're still not promoting speaking engagements, etc. But we can continue addressing my mission in life: helping people to remember who they really are and to effectively express that knowing. The redesign has simplified the appearance and the interface to make it as easy as possible for people to take part in this ongoing conversation about effective communication.

The appearance is cleaner all by itself, and that's worthwhile. We also have three innovations that take advantage of Internet publishing to make the newsletter a more effective experience.
  1. Permalinks, a part of the design when we first moved Squiggles to a blog format, are still part of the design. If you click on the time stamp at the bottom of an article, you go to a new page that is just that article. The URL for that page can be used for easy reference, whether you are writing a traditional (can we say that about a medium this young?) Web page or another blog.
  2. New to this design for us is a comment system. If you would like to leave a comment about an article, click on the "# Comments" link (where # is replaced by however many comments there are already) at the bottom of the article. You can read comments left by others and leave your own. This makes Web publishing more of a conversation.
  3. Mail links make it easy to share an article with others of like mind through e-mail, site. Just click on the envelope icon to send the permalink for an article through e-mail to whomever you wish.
We still aim to share short items of interest and occasional longer articles. In any case, we want to make sure Squiggles is worth your time. The next article, then, will get a little more technical about taking advantage of our newsfeed if you'd rather to that than either get Squiggles in e-mail or check the Web page for updates.

Thanks! We're glad to be back, and we hope you're glad too.


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