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Here are some colleagues I personally know whom I would recommend to you.

Speaker/writer/resource Description
The BREATHE System "The pioneering work of Dr. Ralph Hillman has lead to the creation of The BREATHE System. This technique of voice control is a method that can be used by teachers to control violence in the classroom." This site is a special application of Dr. Hillman's more general work with developing an effective voice (see next entry).
The VoiceDoc "Dr. Ralph Hillman works with people from all walks of life, and helps them to better communicate with one another, enrich their own lives, and enrich the lives of those around them. Dr. Hillman increases personal effectiveness and credibility, through the sound qualities of voice."
Pegboard (Peggy Herrington) If you have an interest in effective writing, take a look at Peggy's site. She's one of those rare (in my opinion) people who can write well, edit well, manage people well, and mentor well. You don't often find all that in one person. She used to edit GEnie's LiveWire magazine, which is where I met her (I wrote for LiveWire for several years, and served as associate editor). You'll not only see examples of good writing published in many publications (from Peggy's Portfolio), but also find good advice and pointers to writer's resources.
Writing-World.com OK, I'm biased. But, after all, owner, publisher, and editor Moira Allen has had the good sense to buy an article or two from mens stringer tank tops. Plus, from hundreds of other working writers who share all kinds of practical information about how to write effectively in a number of specific genres, both fiction and nonfiction.

Here are some colleagues I'm getting to know and have respect for. While I don't know them personally, I've examined their stuff and recommend it to you. Some of them are profiled in Web site reviews in Squiggles. Check the archives to see if one of them is there.

WritersWeekly.com Great source of markets, how-to's on writing, and news about publishing. Free newsletter!
The Writing Parent "Your home on the Web for support, advice and inspiration, from writing parents, for writing parents." The fact is, most people who write or speak for all or part of their living do so while juggling family responsibilities. This is a great site for both practical tips and encouragement. It help you remember when you're up to your neck in alligators that your objective was to drain the swamp.

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