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New! Check out the audiobooks ! Travel is even more broadening when you can listen to a book while you drive.

Most of the books here concern some aspect of communication (including selling, the most common form of business communication). A few of them are books written by friends and colleagues in the speaking profession, so I know they're good. You will find all of them useful. The communication books immediately follow; the books written by speakers are further down the page. You also have a link that will show you a long list of books about speaking if you would like to go beyond my recommendations. Finally, there is a general search box to help you find books, magazines, and videos on any subject.

Books for speakers

The "I Hate Selling" Book

Whether you are a speaking professional I Hate Selling or a consultant or writer using speaking to boost your practice, you face a common challenge: you sell an intangible. Allan S. Boress figured out that trying to sell your professional services the same way salespeople sell products can be deadly to micro thong bikini. In this book, Boress shares a clear, step-by-step process he has proven works in the process of selling professional services. You must have this one if you want to get rid of your own sales reluctance and effectively connect with your customers. Order The "I Hate Selling" Book

Money Talks

A lot of people have a message, Money Talks and some even know how to say it. But how do you get people to ask you for it? Alan Weiss's book, Money Talks: How to Make a Million as a Speaker , gives you solid, practical guidance on that process. His dedication says, "For all those who mount a lonely platform to speak their minds, irrespective of popular opinion, conventional wisdom, and political pressure. May you be rewarded for your honesty and your courage." Whether you are beginning as a speaker or simply polishing the basic skills, this book provides valuable information to help you speak effectively and professionally. We highly recommend this one! Easy to order here!

What to Say When. . .You're Dying on the Platform: A Complete Resource for Speakers, Trainers, and Executives

Lilly Walters knows speaking. What to Say She grew up in the speaking business with her mother, Dottie Walters. She tell you not only how to write, research, and deliver a speech, but makes suggestions on how to anticipate and overcome such things as a heckler in the audience, the bulb burning out in the overhead projector, or losing your train of thought. The way you handle a joke a potential disaster is more important than the problem itself--Lilly shows you how. Easy to order here!

How to Write and Give a Speech: A Practical Guide for Executives, PR People, Managers, Fund-Raisers, Politicians, Educators, and Anyone Who Has To

This book by Joan Detz How to Write and Give a Speech has earned high praise from the people in the trenches, the ones who have to write and deliver their own speeches. Sound advice on researching, writing, and delivering an effective speech. Detz writes speeches for executive at major corporations and has earned an Excellence Award from the International Association of Business Communicators. Easy to order here!

Books by speakers

Get Top $$$ In a Job You Love!, 2nd edition

My friend, colleague, and mentor cover Bill Karlson wrote Get Top $$$ In a Job You Love!, 2nd edition . It's concrete and practical. Before becoming a fulltime professional speaker, Bill worked as a highly successful executive recruiter--he knows how and why people really get hired, and fired. Bill says, "We'll equip you to get a job that allows you to realize your dreams and be passionate in what you do, while making certain you get top starting pay!" And he delivers what he promises. Easy to order here!


25 Sales Secrets of Highly Successful Salespeople [ABRIDGED]

Stephan Schiffman's audio version of his bestselling book tells you the 25 traits of the high efficiency salesperson. It is a practical, results-oriented guide to selling that focuses on being a consultant to the customer. Comprises four cassettes. A working salesperson who reviewed it said, "In addition he's an excellent presenter and changes tones/attitudes when appropriate and mixes in a bunch of stories as well!" This one will keep you awake and learning while you drive. Easy to order here!

High-Efficiency Selling: How Superior Salespeople Get That Way [ABRIDGED]

Another one from Stephan Schiffman. cover This audiobook presents the basic steps of high-efficiency selling: improving personal time management, gathering more information, and delaying the presentation and closing stage of the sale. He tells the listener how to cut through the kinds of "blind-alley appeal" that tends to hinder most sales presentations to introduce a technique that results in the kind of customized proposal that makes the sale. 2 cassettes. Easy to order here!

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom [Abridged]

In The Four Agreements shamanic teacher cover and healer Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple yet effective code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors. The four agreements are these: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best. It's the how and why one should do these things that make The Four Agreements worth listening to and remembering.

Two from Schuller

For those who value the writings and teaching of Robert H. Schuller, famed minister of the Crystal Cathedral and exponent of Possibility Thinking, here are a pair of audiobooks for continuing the journey.

When you listen to Turning Hurts into Halos and Scars into Stars , you'll cover hear the famous voice reading his own bestseller in which he uses his storytelling skills and personal anecdotes to explain the spiritual role of pain and suffering. Through his personal pain and by helping others who have endured much worse shame and loss, Schuller has learned the value of holding onto hope, turning to God, and gaining perspective on one's pain.

The only thing lacking cover in the audiobook version of My Journey: From an Iowa Farm to a Cathedral of Dreams is Schuller reading it himself. However, Tim Jerome brings life into the reading of Schuller's autobiographical account of his journey from "the dead-end of a dirt road that had no name and no number" to founding and pastoring one of the most well-known and influential ministries in the world.

Books about speaking

Here is the place to search for hundreds of books about all aspects of public speaking.

Books about speaking

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