Thursday, July 01, 2004

Publication suspended

I sent the following email to our subscriber list a few days ago. I'm posting it on the Blog also so that folks who come across this site will know what is going on. The subscription software remains available for people who want to know if and when we start publishing again. Copy follows:

Dear Subscribers:

Some of you have noticed that Squiggles has not published since February. I won't go into a lot of detail; suffice it to say that Hannah (who is now nearly 14 months old) has enough medical issues to keep us busy pretty much all the time we're not working at our "day" jobs. Many of you know I teach college vaginal feuchtcreme onfy. That is not only my first professional love and obligation, it is also what I now must do in order to keep the insurance that, in effect, keeps Hannah alive go ahead.

Therefore, reluctantly, I am making official the publication suspension that has been de facto since February.

The Web site will stay up, and the blog will remain in place. There's a lot of good material there, and I want people to still be able to access it. I hope some day to start publishing regularly again, and since the blog will remain in place, I will put up brief comments irregularly. If you are still getting monthly password reminders from the subscriber software and find them annoying, but would still like to know when Squiggles starts publishing again, you can log into your options page and simply turn off the password reminder.

I hope Squiggles has helped you to be a more effective communicator. I know I have enjoyed sharing this virtual space with you. And I hope we can share it again. If nothing else, keep the Web site bookmarked so you can get updates.



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