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One of the best editors in the business said...

I showed Courageous Communication to my former "boss," one of the best editors in the business, in my opinion. I turn to Peggy Herrington because I know she'll tell me like it is, because she knows the kindest thing an editor can do for a writer is tell the truth.

I have to admit her praise means more to me than just about anyone else's. Here's what she said:

"If your throat gets tight and your knees knock when you speak at meetings, get this book! Donn shows how to stop all that nonsense and concentrate on communicating effectively. Refreshingly direct and on-target, Donn gave me the courage (and knowledge) to relax and be myself in speaking situations. What a relief!"

I have to admit that feels good. But it feels even better because it confirms what I set out to do in this book: provide you with useful, worthwhile information!


Audience members have said...

[Donn] taught me that it doesn’t matter what you experience; it’s what you learn and remember from those experiences that truly matters.... He shows us that the skills we need for successful speaking are already ours, we just need to tap into them.
—Douglas Derrick

Donn has a gift for story-telling, a very effective teaching tool. His students absorb the material, unaware that they are really learning.
—Carol Goans

You have given me the confidence to speak to large groups and the ability to organize my thoughts. It was an experience that changed my life. Thank you very much!
—James Cantrell

Have I ever told you I think you are a saint? If I was still Catholic, I'd nominate you. Thanks for putting things in perspective.
—Margaret Fehling


From: Donnell King
Tuesday, 2:46 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Tons of research and experience proves communication skills the most important skills for effectiveness in your business and your life. The ability to communicate effectively matters more than the school you attended, the grades you made, or your professional skills! Yet we go through life as if we need no more training in it than we do in breathing.

Courageous Communication draws on the expertise of Donnell King, who has been a professional communicator all his life. He has worked as a:

  • College professor (speech and journalism)
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Newspaper editor
  • Newspaper photographer
  • Professional speaker
  • Minister
  • Radio DJ
  • Radio manager
  • Radio news director
  • Small business owner
  • Corporate advertising writer and designer
  • Magazine writer
  • Magazine editor


The Studies Prove It....

The American Council of Education says "good oral and written skills can be your most prized asset" in getting and holding a desirable position.

That means more than just getting a job. It means getting the job you want. And it means keeping that job.

Speaker and trainer Zig Ziglar says that even in such a technical field as engineering, 85 percent of the factors that lead to promotion have to do with "people skills."

Six of the top seven factors that affect the decision to hire you have to do with your communication skills. "Technical competence" is way down at factor number 5, because interviewers assume if you've made it through the resum´┐Ż screening, you are competent—at least on paper. Now they look for the ability to deal with people—the company's customers and your co-workers. They can find all the talent they need. They can't find as easily the ability to work well with other talented, competent people.

You do more in your life than work, of course. Maybe you've heard of a book called Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. That book and all the other relationship books and seminars boil down to one thing: to have an effective relationship, you have to effectively communicate.


Readable Format, Practical Information

Most of the chapters in Courageous Communication come from Squiggles, the ongoing newsletter for people who want to become more effective communicators. Its conversational style and newsletter-formatted chapters enable you to start anywhere in the book and find useful information, even if you just have a few minutes to read. Every page is designed to give you something to make your communication more effective NOW!

You also get BONUS MATERIAL from Taming Butterflies, Donn's earlier book on handling stage fright, plus, never-before-published pragmatic information on speech preparation.


Let's Put You in Control of You

Courageous Communication is designed to help you understand you better, rather than load you up on lots of details you'll never remember under the pressure of actual communication situations.

Lots of books tell you, for instance, 24 ways to handle stage fright. But when you're "on stage," whether in front of 2,000 people or a single person, it's hard to remember your own name, much less 24 items!

But if you understand the simple principles that underlie effective communication, you can remember one or two steps each time that will take you in the direction you want to go.

Courageous Communication emphasizes self-understanding because we know that effective communication comes from the heart. Effectiveness comes from understanding your own strengths, values, and goals rather than just learning a bunch of techniques.


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Donnell King



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