Saturday, November 20, 2004

The essence of communication

I don't usually mix religion/spirituality in with our ongoing conversation about effective communication. But there is an article on Beliefnet that gets at the heart of communication problems that afflict our country as a whole right now.

The article is not about religion per se, but about understanding people who are different. Religion and morality came up a lot in the last election, but much of what went on with that was less about religion and more about pure communication, check it. Steven Waldman's points can just as easily apply in principle to many other groups on opposite sides of any given fence. I think it will worth your time to examine. You get a sense of this from the title and subtitle of the article: "Perverted, God-Hating Frenchies vs. Inbred, Sex-Obsessed Yokels: Why Can't Liberals and Conservatives Get Along? Because They Fundamentally Misunderstand Each Other." Look at it as someone interested in effective communication, not as someone who might happen to fit one of the categories.


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