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Donnell King works with educators to help them remember their unique calling in the human community, to connect with that community through effective communication, and to joyfully and fully practice their profession.

People begin a career in education to change the sport tape apotheke world. But burnout takes a heavy toll. College teachers may be experts in their fields, but be unsure how to communicate their expertise and connect with summer beanie. Donn's talks, seminars, and workshops help educators remember their original reasons for wanting to touch the future, and find new ones, as well as discover their own best ways to teach.

Conference resources

If you're looking for information based on a session at an educational conference in which I was a presenter or co-presenter, check the listings here.

Teacher: you are the message!
Identify your purpose, express it with passion.

  • Remember your unique motivation
  • Rekindle your commitment
  • Build genuine confidence in the classroom
  • Develop self-mastery techniques that are appropriate for you
  • Apply effective conflict management techniques
  • Harness energy that used to turn into stress
  • Apply effective communication techniques
  • Master your nonverbal communication skills
  • Overcome stage fright in and outside the classroom

We don’t teach subjects; we teach people. We don’t teach topic areas; through topics we teach who we are.

Donn’s experience as a minister and as associate professor of speech and journalism at a technical college led him to reach out to a larger community. He received his school’s Excellence in Teaching award, and later a similar award from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. His communication expertise also comes from years as a radio program director, a newspaper reporter and editor, and a magazine writer.

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